Curiosities about newborn baby |  Mother

Curiosities about newborn baby | Mother

After the enthusiastically anticipated birth takes place, mothers are amazed at what to do with information from relatives and friends about how to care for their babies. This mess can lead to mistakes in baby care. Here are the answers to some of the questions that come to mind;

In the early morning and afternoon, when the sun’s rays are relatively inclined, babies can be taken into the sun for a short time under an umbrella with a protective hat. But use creams with at least 50 protective factors. It is necessary to take care that newborns and small babies are not dehydrated in excessive heat. In very hot weather, make sure your baby is not dehydrated and breastfeed frequently.

Yes, it’s harmful. Some babies can have prominent breasts when they are born. This situation creates hormones that pass from mother to baby during pregnancy. No need to do anything, it will pass by itself. However, some families can be seen rubbing or boring. Please don’t do this. Because rubbing your baby’s breast can cause some infections.

This situation is caused by the narrow mouth of the urethra, which we call phimosis. In this condition that poses a risk to urinary tract infections, if your child is infected, circumcision should be performed immediately. Do not postpone circumcision for reasons such as a circumcision wedding.

Crossing eyes in babies is physiological. However, an eye examination should be performed immediately when a baby over 3 months of age continues to have strabismus or if it is noticed that he is facing the same direction.

Yes of course. Drinking it in the room where the child sleeps and even if it is not next to him is enough for him to become a passive smoker. It puts your child at risk for respiratory tract infections.

Yes, they are. Babies are directly affected by the psychological environment of mothers. Babies of mothers who feel peaceful, happy and safe are also more peaceful and trouble-free. Speak, touch, caress and listen to soft music with her in normal speaking language from the newborn period. Thus, the foundations of a healthy adult with self-confidence are laid in the future. For this reason, do not talk loudly, do not fight, thinking that they will not understand next to them. This negatively affects their mental health.

Clean the inside of your baby’s only visible auricle. Do not attempt to clean the ear hole by inserting cotton, debris or other material inside.

This depends on your child’s age. After leaving the hospital in 7 or 15 days, the first doctor check-up, then monthly for the first 1 year, three months between the ages of 1-2, six months between the ages of 2-3, and annual controls after the age of 3, your child’s growth, development and nutrition and vaccinations are also The problems that arise are tried to be resolved by following them. Sometimes families accidentally take their children from the vaccine to the doctor.

No. The clothes of the babies should be made of cotton or wool fabric according to the season, which can provide heat exchange, do not sweat and absorb perspiration. Families sometimes dress their children in layers to keep them cold. However, when the room temperature is 22-24 degrees, a normally dressed baby will not feel cold. In newborns, the temperature regulation is not fully developed, that is, they cannot regulate their body temperature, so the room temperature should be 24-26 degrees. These degrees may not sound very convincing. However, as the old saying goes, it would be sufficient for them to dress only one layer more than adults. You can add layers as thin as the thickness of a garment. In short, you can adjust the temperature of the room to yourself. Infants who are dressed more than necessary increase the risk of developing respiratory diseases. In the summer, a thin cotton body with half sleeves, legged jumpsuits, combed cotton socks and a shaded hat on the head is enough. Be careful not to dress in layers.

In the past, it was recommended to sleep babies prone, but it is now known that this is not true and can cause “Sudden infant death syndrome”. Lay your newborn baby on his back. Contrary to what was previously known, it is recommended to lay babies on their back today. Just lay it on your back and turn your head slightly to the right. Babies may vomit a little after feeding. So do not lay it before removing the gas.

It is normal until your child is 3 years old. It is most commonly caused by the knee or foot. In the first 3 years, children walk inward. If there is stiffness while walking, falling or pain while running, an orthopedist should be examined and necessary precautions should be taken. If these complaints do not exist, you can wait until the age of 3.

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