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Cool teens | Life

Hello young brother,

I want to call you today. I know you are there. With a hopeful and excited heart, you work hard to take your place in the world adventure and look forward to the times when you will be rewarded for your efforts. Or you haven’t found that space yet to express yourself to the world. Nobody is listening to you, understanding you, and you feel like you will have no chance. But there is, I want to know. Your only chance is YOU!

Awaken your potential!

You are young, a unique seed waiting for its day and the right conditions to open. Like all brothers in the universe… Your entire adventure is designed to bring your potential to its best. Just knowing this is enough to awaken the power within you. There is so much a heart full of youthful energy can do in this universe, if you only knew! Maybe you already know. All you have to do is listen;

“O Turkish Youth,

Your first duty is to protect and defend the Turkish independence and the Turkish Republic forever. This is the very foundation of your existence and your future. This foundation is your most precious treasure. Even in the future, there will be malevolent people, internal and external, who will want to deprive you of this treasure.

One day, if you are obliged to defend the independence and the republic, you will not think about the possibilities and conditions of the situation you will be in in order to assume duty! This possibility and sharia can manifest in a very unfamiliar nature. The enemies that will mean the independence and the republic can be the representatives of an unprecedented victory in the world …

Who are your enemies today?

I quoted above, asking you to listen to Ata’s voice completely “Appeal to youth” It will remind you every time that the power you need is in the noble blood in your veins. This is not a phenomenon that can only be explained by being “Turkish”. It’s about being “human”, I want you to understand. No world child should betray the land he knows as homeland. If the world is the home of us humans, then no human being should betray his home, but should do his best to protect, honor and enrich what this planet has to offer us with all its generosity.

Climate crisis, food crisis and epidemics We don’t have much luck anymore at the door. Our hope is in youth… That’s why, younger brother, turn to yourself, ask inside:

“What do I want?”

“What if I accomplish will be for the benefit of me and the whole?”

“What do I need to wake up to my best version of this game of life?”

“What is possible to live a life of satisfaction by producing, sharing?”

Maybe you can be angry with the previous generations and say, “You took the nails of the world, exhausted resources and forced us to all these conditions we are in now.” You’re very right, young brother, but know that complaining is useless! Each generation is experiencing its own tests, passing away from this world. While the existence of our ancestors, who fought for independence a century ago, encouraged us, we should realize that new wars are with nature and do our best.

Or would you rather just sit around the corner and watch things get worse? I do not think so! There are wonderful young people in this land. I want you to be informed. Maybe you’re inspired and you think I can do it.

Ata Seed Association: A community of university / high school youth working in the field of rural development, agriculture volunteers. If you are a young person who wants to be an agriculture volunteer, support our farmers and villagers, and above all touch the soil, I suggest you contact them. This kind of experience augments everyone.

@atatohumderneği You can reach them from your Instagram account.

Ecording: These young entrepreneur brothers, whose average age is 26, came together to develop sustainable and innovative environmental technologies against the global climate crisis. R&D done under the roof of Teknokent[1] They shoot seed balls in treeless lands with the drones they have developed as a result of their studies. (I asked before, how can we combine technology and agriculture without harming nature. The universe answered in a short time, thank you! Soil and Agriculture I wrote working areas for my young brothers and sisters. Maybe it’s good to remember) This solution, inspired by nature, also offers a great business model to make sustainability essential. They have been involved in the marketing processes of the corporate brands they collaborate with. In exchange for private label products purchased from partner brands, a seed ball is shot on behalf of the customer, so you contribute to nature by continuing to create value while consuming it, brother.

@support_ecording You can reach them on their Instagram account and on the website.

1 drop action:Founded by 16-year-old Hüseyin Avni Sözen students, the aim of this community is to create awareness in order to be a solution to our country and our world facing the danger of drought. These wonderful young people, who aim to calculate the water footprint, which is used as a warning criterion in saving water, with local software, have opened their projects to all their other siblings. To them @ 1_star You can access it from your Instagram account. You can read the interview about them by Milliyet columnist Filiz Dağ. (Entrepreneurship Community): This community, which emerged as a platform solution where all the acceleration programs, incubation & pre-incubation centers of the entrepreneurship ecosystem are listed and their details are listed, offers young entrepreneurs valuable information and contacts. If you intend to reach similar groups working in this field, my dear brother, it would be useful to get to know them closely.

@common From your Instagram account, Entrepreneurship Community You can also reach them from your Facebook account.

Did you realize that all of them were founded by wonderful young people, remedies for problems, social enterprise, community or R&D initiative… They all have one more common point, young brother.

Power of love…

Young people working in all these communities are doing what they love. They also ponder how financial sustainability can be when doing just what they love, without putting money first. In summary, it is also possible to earn money by working on some of these models! There are many people who are concerned about bringing bread to their house, and perhaps because of this, do what they have to do more than they love. This situation is perhaps the biggest wound of this country and the biggest reason for the inability to come up with creative ideas.

But now it’s time for something to change, brother, INAN! Find the thing you love, as you think and work for it, you will see that money comes with you. The universe is filled with the energy of abundance, the collective consciousness that cannot get out of the famine consciousness keeps you believing the other kind, notice what happens and let’s sign together where you changed your destiny!

I love us,

Your brother Nihan,

[1] Research and development

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