Cooking as a home therapy method

Cooking as a home therapy method

Shall we take advantage of cooking in quarantine together? Nowadays, most of us have fallen into cooking during the quarantine days. Especially in the early days, bread, pizza, what was cooked at home… In fact, cooking has a great power that you may not have noticed before. It even has a name; food therapy… The kitchen is a great tool for us to cope with the emotional and psychological problems we face.

10 tips for cooking as a home therapy method

Start by choosing a simple recipe with ingredients you’re familiar and comfortable with. Even preparing this salad is a great way to start.

Make sure you have enough free time and space, and try to prepare ingredients ahead of time to relieve stress. If you are not sure about your recipe, you may not offer it to anyone but yourself.

Don’t forget to add fun to the work. Allow creativity and seek perfection. Turn up some music and have fun.

Don’t stop trying new things, taking small risks, and practicing.

When all these times are over, consider when you will prepare your meals for your friends and loved ones. Don’t forget to enjoy the moment.

Whatever the result, don’t neglect to be proud of your effort.

A study conducted in 2018 revealed that cooking increases creativity and motivation. While starting work with easy recipes provides strong benefits in terms of mental health, you can add innovations to the recipe you prepare with different ingredients as you master the process.

As with many hobbies, it is possible to get away from all the other thoughts in your mind since you will be interested in one thing while cooking.

When you get into an activity and get something tangible as a result, it ensures that your effort ends up with something real and you are psychologically satisfied.

Feeding our body with healthy foods is one of the most basic ways our outer world communicates with our inner world. Apart from its psychological effect, you will increase your quality of life with the right foods, as you will master every detail from the ingredients to the preparation process.


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