Children of young mothers are smarter |  Mother

Children of young mothers are smarter | Mother

Most of the studies on women who become mothers at a young age cite risks involving both mother and child. So is there a connection between the age at which a woman becomes a mother and the intelligence of her child? There is, according to the data in the International Journal of Epidemiology. According to the report in the magazine, the cognitive abilities of the first children of mothers who have children after the age of 35 are better than the children of mothers who have children before this age.

In the studies conducted between 1958-1970, while the children of young mothers were more successful in tests requiring cognitive ability, the situation reversed towards 2001 and it was observed that the children of women who became mothers after the age of 30 were more successful. Alice Goisis, a professor at the University of London academy, says this may be linked to the change in women’s characters over the years.

Researchers state that the fact that pregnancies after the age of 35 are mostly planned is an important factor in this situation. In addition, it is stated that women who became mothers after 35 have completed their education, have reached a point in their careers and that their economic situation is at a certain level may have a positive effect on this situation. Stating that the mother’s regular income will ensure that she will not have difficulties with financial resources while raising her child, US gynecologist Dr. Nicole Scott states that this situation has an important effect on the development of the child.

Considering that older mothers are more likely to be university graduates, it is thought that the mother’s vocabulary is wider. This expands children’s vocabulary from an early age and enables them to use their language better.

However, having children after the age of 40 continues to pose a risk for mother and baby. Problems that may arise during pregnancy, birth defects, the possibility that the child will have diabetes in later life, and the possibility of high blood pressure are also expressed more likely in pregnancies after 40.

Compiled and translated by: Dilara Koru

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