Causes of premature graying of hair?

Causes of premature graying of hair?

One of the reasons for early hair graying can be the pressure of success. According to a study, parents who are successful in student life, especially parents who have received a degree in school life, want the same success for their children. The pressure to achieve the same success as their parents negatively affects the mood of students, and this gray hair at a young age why is this happening.

Starting university is exciting for everyone. However, university life can become the beginning of a period where children of families with academic success can meet many expectations. Swiss and German researchers the effects of the pressure of success used an interesting method to analyze. The hair of university students with academic success in their family history was analyzed. In the research carried out during the semester, the hair strands of the students were examined, the educational backgrounds of the parents were examined, a questionnaire was conducted with the students, and their perceptions of stress were discussed. The research results were evaluated in a holistic way.

According to the article published in Frontiers of Physciatry Magazine, children of families with academic backgrounds fear that if they fail, their families’ social status will be endangered. Anxiety creates stress in students. In the study, it was found that especially female students felt a more responsibility for success.

Yusuf Yılmaz, who works as a hairdresser in Istanbul, also stated that he observed that the age of hair graying goes down to 18-20. The observations of Yılmaz, who stated that he encountered more hair graying at a young age, especially in the last 10 years of his professional life, confirms the results of the research.

Causes of hair graying?

The pigment called melanin determines the color of the hair and melanin is produced in cells called melanocytes in the hair follicles. If these cells die or are unable to produce melanin, the hair begins to lose color and turn white. The reason why hair turns gray at an early age As a result, many factors that prevent these cells from performing their duties are shown. The graying of the hair is psychological iron, copper and iodine, as well as ferritin, A, B, C, E and especially B12 When the reasons such as malnutrition in terms of vitamins, genetic factors, exposure to chemicals come together, the pigments that give the hair its color decrease and the hair may become unexpectedly gray at a young age. Loss of melanin in the hairoccurs naturally, especially after the 30s.

Factors such as overworking or under-functioning of the thyroid glands, some autoimmune diseases, also publicly “anemia” Medical reasons such as anemia, known as anemia, can cause the hair to quickly turn gray. It is useful to evaluate the sudden graying of hair at a young age from a medical point of view. If an underlying cause has not been found, especially Hair bleaching in your 20s It is mostly caused by stress, heredity, smoking and malnutrition. To prevent hair graying First of all, it is recommended to avoid stress and reduce stress factors. To support the production of melanin, the substance that gives hair its color. with foods rich in zinc and iron feeding is recommended.

Will the white hair be restored?

According to a research, The reason for the gray hair If it is a thyroid problem, re-pigmentation may occur after hormone therapy. If the hair turns gray due to stress and smoking, there is no evidence to support the return of pigmentation after smoking and reducing stress. Graying of the hair or whitening It is impossible to restore natural hair color if it is due to genetic reasons or natural aging.

Compiled and translated by: Senem Tahmaz


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