Can exercise be done while breastfeeding?  |  Mother

Can exercise be done while breastfeeding? | Mother

Breastfeeding mothers are reluctant to do sports and physical exercise, but research shows that moderate exercise is healthy for breastfeeding mothers.

Things to consider when doing sports during breastfeeding

  • Listen to yourself and your body, gradually increase the intensity of exercise.
  • Breastfeed your baby before exercising to be more comfortable.
  • Use a comfortable and supportive bra
  • Make sure to drink enough water.

When can breastfeeding mothers start doing sports?

It is not recommended to do sports and exercise in the first 40 days of the baby. Whatever your mode of delivery, you need to allow time for the body to recover after birth, and get plenty of rest with your baby. After 6-8 weeks after birth, exercise can be started gradually. If you had a cesarean delivery, you should start with your doctor’s approval.

No, there are several scientific studies on this subject and they all come to the same conclusion; Exercising does not reduce your milk supply. [1, 2]

It has been found that moderate exercise does not affect the contents of breast milk.

Immune factors (IgA, Lysozyme, lactoferrin), minerals (calcium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium), fats, proteins and lactose ratios do not change. [3, 4, 5]

Lactic acid rises markedly after exercise and for an hour and a half, but lactic acid has no known harm to your baby.

No increase in lactic acid was seen in mothers who exercised moderately (not to the point of being overtired). [6, 7]

No, according to research, all breastfeeding mothers can be encouraged to exercise, as exercise does not adversely affect the growth and development of the baby. [8]

This rare condition may be related to the smell of sweat. If your baby refuses the breast, you can try breastfeeding after showering. If you have done a lot of sports, wait a little before breastfeeding. If your baby refuses to breast after exercise, you may need to do less intense exercise.

You can exercise with your baby!

Babywearing methods It makes it easy to go for a walk with your baby. Attending an online or face-to-face mother-baby yoga class can be a lot of fun and rewarding for both of you. You can also include your baby while doing fitness at home, be creative.

Article: Lactation Consultant Charlotte Codron, IBCLC, La Leche League Leader

“In lactating women, several studies have collectively determined that neither acute nor regular exercise has adverse effects on a mother’s ability to successfully breast-feed.”

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