Building a good family is not difficult!  |  Mother

Building a good family is not difficult! | Mother

1. Trust your child, accept him for who he is, and respect any of his choices.
If you trust and respect him, he will feel trust, respect and sensitivity towards himself and his surroundings. The fact that he has choices that differ from yours simply because he is younger will not necessarily indicate that they are wrong.

2. Don’t try to make him look like yourself.
Do not follow your parents’ footsteps because they are trying to be role models for you. Remember, you didn’t like it at all, so don’t do the same to your own children. What’s right for you doesn’t have to be right for your kids, because he’s a completely different individual from you.

3. From a very young age, give him responsibility for gaining willpower.
First of all, the responsibility of his own life… Everyone is responsible for his own life, your duty as a parent is not to take responsibility for his life, remember this. If the child takes responsibility for his own life, he will be at peace with life and does not hold others responsible for what happened. He does not fear his mistakes by looking at life with concern, he learns to learn from them and ensures that they do not happen again.

4. Strive to reveal your child’s true self.
The first duty of parents is to provide a comfortable and peaceful environment for the emergence of the gem in their children. The foundation of a happy and satisfying life begins with self-knowledge, so prepare the ground for the emergence of his own truths, abilities, in short, his own life “essence” without guiding the child and patiently.

5. Give him questions, not answers.
Life isn’t about the right answers, it’s about the right questions. There is no right answer, there is only one specific answer, which will only be revealed through personalized inquiries. Instead of offering answers, instill a question consciousness in your child, guide him with the right questions, only in this way, your child will be able to understand and live life correctly by discovering specific answers.

6. Frame life as a learning process.
Help your child see life as an adventure that should be enjoyed in every moment and offers lessons to be learned in any situation, rather than a results-oriented journey with goals to pursue. Life actually only happens in the “now”, lead it never to miss it.

7. Instill love and strength.
The love offered to the child, especially by the mother, should be endless and never conditional. The child should never doubt this love. The father, on the other hand, should represent power, authority and justice in preparing the child for life. A child with a healthy psychology can grow up in a family where parents play appropriate roles.

8. Help him to trust not only his mind, but also his feelings and intuition.
Help him trust his intuition, which will help him especially in important decisions about his life. Support him in reaching a solution by not only using his mind, but also trusting his feelings and intuitions in the problems he will encounter. While the mind often seeks benefits, intuition allows you to hear the voice of your soul.

9. Spend quality time with your child, observe him.
The most valuable gift you can give him is to help him discover himself, spend time with him accordingly. Make an effort to develop the world of emotions and imagination, make him focus on his abilities and interests, only in this way will your child be able to begin to realize the facts about his own life.

10. Do not criticize, blame, judge him.
This doesn’t mean you have to accept that everything he does is right, help him realize his own mistakes and discover the deepest causes. Errors can only be resolved if they are internalized in this way. Punishment or reward psychology, which is the other side of the coin, will not make any contribution to the child’s personal development since it cannot add meaning to the mistake made.

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