Body language signs that betray men

Body language signs that betray men

Let’s say you meet someone new and that exciting meeting has finally happened. But you have difficulty understanding how the other person feels towards you. In such a situation, your only remedy is to read the body language of the other man correctly. Happn’s body language guide for women, which enables you to meet people you cross paths with, explains all the clues that betray men.

If your dating touches his face frequently throughout the date, he is attracted to you. If you want to be sure the other person is interested in you, follow their hands. If he’s rubbing his eyes, touching his ears or hair, then everything is fine.

Is he playing with his glass while talking to you? Don’t panic, this is not a sign of boredom, but a sign that he likes you. According to body language experts, if a man always needs to play with different objects when he meets a woman, it means he likes the other person.

According to body language experts, men tend to be too cheerful when talking to a woman they like. Even enthusiastic hand and arm movements from time to time can be excessive. On the other hand, there is another less well-known tip: If the person you are dating is constantly wiggling their eyebrows and making their eyes wider during the meeting, then you hit the bull’s eye. He likes you!

If it starts touching you unconsciously after some time has passed, then everything is fine. If he really likes you, even a shy guy will touch your elbow, hand, or back in some way, so keep an eye on it. But don’t make a quick decision; accidental touches do not count, but if conscious, you can be sure they have feelings for you.

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