Blood type and Corona relationship

Blood type and Corona relationship

A study published in October 2020 in the journal Blood Advances of the American Society of Hematology found that people with blood type 0 had a lower risk of contracting COVID-19, and if they were caught, these people had less severe problems such as organ failure than those of other blood groups. had revealed that he had been seen.

Some previous studies have also suggested that blood type 0 can provide protection against COVID-19. This study was also compared with data from a control group of more than 2.2 million people in Denmark, of whom 473,000 were COVID-19 positive. It turned out that among the positive cases, the number of people with 0 blood type was less than those with blood type A, B, and AB. The researchers also gained control over ethnicity, as blood type distribution is known to vary among ethnicities. The results again showed that the number of people with 0 blood type was low.

Another previous study revealed that people with either the A or AB blood group had more severe disease than those with the 0 or B blood group. The researchers collected data from 95 critically ill hospitalized patients in Canada. The results showed that the patients who were connected to the respirator were predominantly of A or AB blood group and that COVID-19-related lung problems were experienced more in the same blood groups. It was also revealed that those with A or AB blood group needed dialysis due to kidney failure.

However, it was observed that the hospitalization period of patients with A or AB blood group was not longer than patients with group 0 or B, while it was noticed that those with A or AB blood group stayed longer in intensive care and, in connection with this, had a more severe course of COVID-19. .

Researchers from Harvard University School of Medicine conducted a study that revealed that there was no link between the worsening of symptoms of those with COVID-19 and their blood groups. Findings derived from this study and published in the journal Annals of Hematology contradicted other studies linking blood types and COVID-19. However, this study found that positive cases with blood type B or AB and showing symptoms were more numerous than those with blood type 0, thereby supporting previous research in this regard.

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