Black sapote fruit |  Health

Black sapote fruit | Health

It is a tree species native to eastern Mexico, Central America and southern Colombia. black sapote fruit, Trabzon Persimmon It is related because it comes from the same family. In Turkey, it is known as chocolate fruit or black persimmon.

Black sapote fruit can be consumed raw or mixed into milk and fruit juices. The outer skin of this fruit is inedible. Under the thin outer shell is the pulp of the fruit. When the fruit ripens, the inside turns from white to black, the color of chocolate pudding and can be eaten. It also tastes like chocolate pudding. 100 grams of the fruit, which is a dense sugar store, is 80 calories. Black sapote fruit should not be eaten before it is ripe. This fruit matures in 10 days at room temperature. Click to read the benefits of dragon fruit …

You can buy black sapote fruit as seeds or saplings online.

It is possible to buy black sapote fruit seeds with prices starting from 11 TL. Black sapote fruit saplings vary between 70 – 250 TL.

  • 4 times more than an orange Vitamin C. are available.
  • A vitamini and rich in potassium.
  • It is a good source of fiber.

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