Benefits of Sleeping Together |  Relationship

Benefits of Sleeping Together | Relationship

It is a common habit almost all over the world for couples living together to share beds. A recent extensive study has revealed the unknown benefits of sleeping together.

In the research conducted at the Center of Integrative Psychiatry (ZIP) in Germany, 12 young, healthy and heterosexual couples were examined in the laboratory for 4 days. Brain waves, body movements, breathing, muscle tension and heart rhythm of the couples were measured during the four nights. At the same time, the measurements of the couples when they slept separately were also recorded using simultaneous polysomnography. Participants also answered survey questions examining detailed information about their relationships.

As a result of the research, it was revealed that couples sleeping together fell into REM sleep longer and uninterruptedly than couples sleeping alone. Since REM sleep, which enables vivid and realistic dreams, is also directly related to emotion regulation, memory regulation, social interactions, and creative problem solving, the results were striking. When couples sleep together, they can get a better quality of REM sleep, which makes them more emotionally balanced and socially more positive.

The study also found that couples sleeping together move more during sleep, but interestingly, this does not disturb the structure of sleep. Directing the research, Dr. Henning Johannes Drews said, “Even if our body is uncomfortable when we sleep with someone, our brain will feel safe and a deeper sleep may be possible. “Compared to sleeping alone, sleeping with a partner supports us in our mental health, memory and creative problem solving skills.”

Couples sleeping together also adapt to each other’s sleep patterns. Depending on the length and depth of the relationship and the sense of trust in the relationship, as the couples sleep together, their sleep routine gets closer to each other and actually sleeping together gets easier.


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