Barrier-free library |  Sound of Life

Barrier-free library | Sound of Life

Hello, unfortunately, our situation is getting worse in the war we fought against the epidemic in April. We have become the world leader in the number of cases. The most important way of salvation in this matter is to be vaccinated… We want the Ministry of Health to work more on this issue. I strongly recommend that priority groups add millions of disabled people who cannot leave their homes. I hope this epidemic will end or be minimized this year …

Let’s come to our topic this month, most of us are sitting at home during the epidemic, except for the employees… One of the most active things we do while sitting at home is reading a book. With this in mind, Akdeniz University has prepared a library for the visually impaired. Within the scope of the Disabled Friendly ADU Project, coordinated by the ADU Library and Documentation Department, the introductory meeting of the Disabled Friendly Recep Tayyip Erdogan Library, which received an award in the field of accessibility in the space, was held in the Library Conference Hall.

Introducing the meeting, Aydin Family Studies and Social Services Provincial Director Ömer Turan, Beyazay Association President Aydin Branch Bunch Pilevneli, Turkey Gundogdu Disabled Association Aydin Branch President Zeliha and members of the association attended the meeting.

At the meeting where the orientation of the library was made, Deputy Head of Library and Documentation Department Inst. See. Özden D. Beneficial, explaining to the participants about the services offered by the library to disabled users, “With the project, we aim to ensure that disabled individuals have access to information without any barriers, to make use of their unimpeded library physical and cultural services and thus contribute to their social and cultural development”.

The meeting, hosted hub facilities in Manisa Celal Bayar University in Turkey, which will be held for the first time in cooperation with the Accessible Libraries Workshop inform Dr. Lecturer It ended with its construction by its member, Mustafa Özhan Kalaç.

I want more of these types of events. Because an increase in the rate of reading books in our country means a better society.

I wish everyone a healthy and unimpeded month …

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