Asparagus Recipes |  Life

Asparagus Recipes | Life

Known for its folic acid, rich vitamin content and aphrodisiac properties, asparagus is an important source of nutrients that should be consumed by pregnant women for folic acid needs and breastfeeding mothers for milk production. Insufficient folate consumption during pregnancy has been found to cause various congenital disabilities. With its high folic acid and vitamin content, asparagus is an important food source, especially for pregnant women and those who are preparing for pregnancy. Request counting the benefits of asparagus Recipes you can make with …

Asparagus Salad with Basil Sauce

When fresh asparagus season has begun, we suggest you try the tomato salad with basil sauce that goes well with grilled meat & chicken dishes. Asparagus Salad Recipe With Basil Sauce …

Tagliatella with asparagus

We added asparagus to the pasta, and it turned out to be a wonderful taste! If you make a salad with this recipe, it means a great feast of flavor is waiting for you! How to make tagliatella with asparagus?

Pistachio Asparagus Salad

A delicious, healthy, satisfying great recipe! You can prepare this recipe in 15-20 minutes! How to make a pistachio asparagus salad?

Asparagus pan pizza

Have you tried the asparagus pizza before? We are sure that you will like this recipe made by adding spices that go well with asparagus! Click here for the recipe for fried asparagus pizza!

Smoked turkey salad with asparagus

Healthy and delicious salad that you can consume as a meal. Smoked turkey salad with asparagus …

Asparagus Soup

One of the recipes that come to mind when it comes to asparagus recipes is asparagus soup. A great soup made with asparagus, the season of which runs from the end of February to the end of September: How to make asparagus soup?

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