Are you ready to become free by simplifying together?

Are you ready to become free by simplifying together?

It would not be wrong to say that my life has changed since I first read the word minimalism 10 years ago. Minimalism or simplification, which I tried to understand what it was as a concept at first, then applied to my life and became my profession years later, became one of the cornerstones of my life. That’s why I love to explain it on different platforms and to raise awareness among new people.

When I first got acquainted with this concept, I had questions such as “Why do we have 30 tea glasses when we live with 2 people at home, how many guests can come at the same time” or “Why is the desk of office workers who can hardly finish one ballpoint pen a year is full of identical pens” Even though I questioned the existence of things in our lives, I also found myself in online commerce sites that were newly active at that time. Come in, sort from cheap to expensive and choose something. When my own simplification process started, the number of labeled products that came out of my wardrobes and drawers made me very sad. So the first thing I did was to follow my own budget first. If you want, I will also tell you this personal waist straightening story. Because I hope that every week in Habertürk we will open the doors of a simpler life with you in every aspect. I say in every aspect because for me, simplifying life does not end with reducing the number of items in the house. There’s much more to it than that. My goal is not to make you a minimalist or a zero-waste pioneer as you read these lines, but to make you take steps towards the better and the beautiful in your life without sticking labels. If you like it and want to achieve more, how happy it is. But if you want to make small changes and still benefit, you will find good suggestions for this in this column.

Let’s start with the definition of minimalism first. For me, minimalism means living a peaceful life with few and essential items that are self-sufficient. The peace part is very important. It is not an uncomfortable area where we think about the shortcomings and say “Why not?” On the contrary, we will try to be at a point where we say “what the right choices” as we look at everything we have. This brings us to make our shopping preferences right.

So why is simplification important? As in the name I gave to my workshops, it is important for “Freedom by Simplifying”. Simplification allows us to have more space in our home, more time we devote to ourselves, and more money in our pocket. These are all valuable resources. These resources, on the other hand, give us a way and liberate us for the things we want but for which we cannot find time, money or space. Even though the main conditions are the same.

As a first thing today, I have a suggestion for you, open your wallet or the last bag you used (including briefcase, laptop bag). Take what’s inside. When was the last time you empty your wallet or purse completely? Does it contain unnecessary receipts, paper, packaging, or (to give an example from me) your child’s spare clothes? Remove everything that shouldn’t be inside. Separate those that need to be recycled. Put the rest in place or throw it away.

Isn’t it a good start?

See you again next week.


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