Animal Protection Law 2021 |  Life

Animal Protection Law 2021 | Life

Law proposal on the protection of animals, their rights and the responsibilities of animal owners was accepted by the Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Affairs commission. With the acceptance of the said proposal, the article of the Animal Protection Law regulating definitions was amended and the phrase “ornamental” for pets was removed.

An amendment is made in the definition of animal shelters to establish nursing homes with the permission of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in order to ensure minimum standards for animal health. What can we do for stray animals? Click to read the article…

“Rehabilitation” is also defined and its scope is determined as the treatment, parasite control, vaccination, sterilization and digital identification procedures to be carried out by local governments in terms of stray animals. Local governments, in cooperation with voluntary organizations, will establish animal shelters for the protection of stray and weakened animals, provide their care, treatment and training activities. In addition, local governments will be able to establish an animal hospital if the relevant decision body deems it appropriate.

Cat and dog owners will be obliged to register their animals with digital identification methods.

A pet, which is kept for non-commercial purposes, cannot be seized due to the debt of its owner, regardless of its location.

The procedures and principles related to the training to be given on keeping pets and controlled animals, conditions of ownership, animal care and protection, and measures to prevent damage and discomfort to the environment by adopted animals will be determined by a regulation to be issued by the Ministry.

It is forbidden to keep cats and dogs in pet shops (Pet-Shop) because the environment is not suitable for animal health and ethology. Catalogs and similar visual information about cats and dogs will be available at pet stores; The cats and dogs selected by the relevant persons will be able to be received from the production places permitted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. This regulation will be implemented one year after the effective date of the proposal.

The envisaged measures for the protection of mothers and offspring are being expanded to include all animals. The proposal allows interventions to therapeutic animals; It is aimed not to hinder veterinary practice.

The authority to identify endangered animals is given to the Ministry. Prohibitions on breeding, adopting, bartering, displaying, gifting and entering, selling and advertising these animals are maintained. These prohibitions include owning, sheltering and feeding.

A person who tortures or treats an animal cruelly and cruelly will be sentenced to imprisonment from 6 months to 3 years, and a person who has sexual relations with animals will be sentenced to imprisonment from 6 months to 3 years and a judicial fine of not less than 100 days. Since the act of abandoning animals regulates a limited area in the current law, it is abolished, expanding the responsibilities of animal owners and all kinds of abandonment acts are included in the prohibition.

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