am i in love?  |  Relationship

am i in love? | Relationship

Wondering if you’ve found true love? For some relationships, that’s hard to say, especially if you’ve never been in love before. Love can be difficult to define. What is love for one is a powerful attraction for another. For some it takes a long time to fall in love, some people can fall in love and break up abruptly. Although lifestyle and symptoms vary from person to person, you can start by taking a look at the following tips to understand your own situation…

One of the ways you can tell if it’s love is by your physical reactions when it’s around or just thinking about it. Are you shaking? Are you shivering? Are you sweating? Do you feel butterflies in your stomach? Do you feel a lump in your throat? Can’t stop yourself from smiling? These are all indications that you have intense feelings towards him.

Are you worried about him? Do you have ongoing problems at work? Has he reconciled with his brother? Did he like the food you prepared for him? Of course, we worry about everyone we love, but when it comes to love, worry takes shape. It’s not obsessive or negative anxiety, it’s just a rush to make sure he’s okay and happy.

Couples in love want the whole world to know how much they love each other. Whether it’s shouting ‘I love you’ from the roofs of buildings or declaring it in more traditional ways like marriage, true love ends up wanting everyone to know how happy you are together.

If everything you do or encounter reminds you of him, you are in love. If you care about how he drinks his coffee, the perfume he uses, the accents and words he chooses, the way he laces his shoes in a funny way, and if you can’t stop thinking about something like that, this is love.

Falling in love with someone usually means seeing them through rose-colored glasses. Positive thoughts about your partner are an important element for your constant love. Although in some circles this phenomenon is referred to as “it makes no mistakes”, it should be compatible with healthy optimism and realism.

If your partner tells you that your romantic, deep, loving feelings are mutual, your relationship will continue to flourish and bud.

There is feeling above the clouds with loving feelings, but then there is the feeling of well being. If your partner makes you feel good when you’re together and you feel like you can handle anything, chances are you’re in love.

In most romantic relationships, there is pressure to take things to the next level. You shouldn’t do things you don’t feel ready for because of this pressure. When you are truly in love, every step taken should be of your own free will, that goes for both parties. Don’t let pressure ruin your relationship.

It’s natural to feel a little bit of jealousy when you meet your ex or realize that an attractive person is trying to flirt with you. So what is the difference between destructive and healthy jealousy? When it is healthy, it will be short-lived because you know that your partner will not hurt you or cheat on you, you trust him.

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