Affirmations for panic attacks and anxiety

Affirmations for panic attacks and anxiety

Sometimes we may face difficult situations in life, which is natural, but making these difficult situations more difficult with bad thoughts makes things even more difficult. You are even more likely to have bad thoughts, especially if you’re dealing with issues like panic disorder or anxiety. Stress and anxiety are natural situations that you encounter in daily life even when you do not have any psychological disorders. Fortunately, the way our nervous system works is quite suitable for us to engage in more positive thoughts and reduce stress. Positive thinking is not about self-‘comfort’ or self-deception. If there is something we’re deceiving, it’s our nervous system, and if we can fool it, we can manage the way our bodies function and our stress responses. Because when we focus our attention on positive thoughts, we send the ‘all is well’ signal to our brain, which in turn facilitates the release of hormones that will allow our bodies to relax and calm down. Everything that happens is actually quite ‘mechanical’, if you change the messages you transmit to the nervous system, it is possible to change the reactions your body gives. Scientific research also confirms that affirmation activates the brain.

Making positive affirmations is one of the effective methods used to deal with many negative situations. Some claim that the practice of praying is also a form of affirmation. Whether you spiritually believe that repeating some sentences will help certain situations, or believe in the functioning of the nervous system and hormones; Either way, positive affirmations can be good for you. Especially if you are struggling with situations that cause symptoms and make daily life difficult by suddenly affecting stress levels such as panic disorder and anxiety, repeating certain affirmations from time to time will make your healing process much easier.

When you are facing a situation that causes you anxiety, such as feeling very nervous before a trip or meeting someone, try repeating the following sentences:

  • I’m safe, I’m just feeling uncomfortable right now. I’ll get through this, as I’ve done before.
  • I don’t have to wait for my anxiety to disappear to achieve this. I can overcome this with a little anxiety.
  • I choose to turn to the positive thoughts in my mind.
  • I will be fine.
  • I can ask for help whenever I need help.
  • The first steps can be difficult, it will get easier as you walk.
  • I can take deep breaths and calm my body.

  • I’m safe.
  • My body and mind may feel overloaded, I can watch even though I cannot control my body’s reactions.
  • I am safe, allowing myself and my body to go through this difficult experience.
  • I can take deep breaths and calm my body.
  • I’m getting better every time.

We talked about the fine line between affirmation and self-deception. As you repeat the affirmations, if you think this is not going to be good for you, this will make no sense for your nervous system. Affirmations alone may not be an effective remedy if you have a severe stress disorder condition and are in a recovery process for it. You should get support from a specialist, take good care of your body and know that the treatment of mental illnesses takes place in a holistic manner, spreading over a certain period of time. You can create affirmative sentences that you think will be good for you and that you feel strong when you remember. The only point to note here is to be careful not to use a negative statement. So when you say “I’m not afraid”, you bring the concept of fear into the agenda. Saying “I’m safe” instead will help your nervous system receive the message more directly and respond more quickly.

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