9 suggestions for an energetic start to the day

9 suggestions for an energetic start to the day

Dear HTHayat readers,

As HTHayat team, we strive to deliver newsworthy content that everyone will find something about themselves. Your criticism, opinion, and comments about our content are very important to us. However, we would like to draw your attention to some of our comment and moderation rules that we put forward in order to provide a healthier discussion environment on the comment platforms we have created within the framework of mutual respect and compliance with the law. Page comments contrary to the laws of the Republic of Turkey and universal human rights will not be approved and will be deleted. Our editors will not approve the comments and the comments will be deleted if the comments made by our readers (including comments directed to our other readers who comment) contain discriminatory elements such as race, gender, religion and language against people, countries, communities, social classes. In the category of comments that will not be approved and will be deleted, there are also comments that include humiliation, hate speech, swearing, insults, abuse of women and children, and violence against animals. praising crime and a criminal is a criminal offense under the laws of the Republic of Turkey. For this reason, such reader comments will naturally not appear on hthayat.haberturk.com comment pages.

Also hthayat.haberturk.co comment pages of the Republic of Turkey can not be proven accuracy of claims in the courts, including accusations and defamation, the public all or a portion of that hatred and enmity, provocative comments will also be made. Comments that may harm the commercial reputation of the brands and cause commercial damage in any way will not be approved and deleted. Likewise, comments for promotional or advertising purposes for a brand are in the category of comments that will not be approved and will be deleted. Links from any other site cannot be shared on hthayat.haberturk.com comment pages. Legal responsibility for all comments posted on hthayat.haberturk.com comment pages belongs to the reader and hthayat.haberturk.com cannot be held responsible for them.

Every reader who comments on the comment pages, the above-mentioned rules, published on Haberturk.com Terms of Useand confidentiality agreementIt is deemed to have read and accepted in advance. Thank you for sharing your comments and opinions in accordance with the rules of comment with us and our other readers in accordance with the laws, respect, courtesy, living together and human rights.

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