8 ways to keep your brain fit

8 ways to keep your brain fit

Many studies indicate that “brain training” is especially good for the elderly, and that activities such as solving puzzles can sharpen the mind. Here are a few suggestions to keep your brain young:

Anyway, don’t think that all fruits are beneficial and consume all of them without limit. To protect your brain health, it is beneficial to consume foods with a low glycemic index. For example, try to consume fruits that are low in fiber and have a high glycemic index, such as watermelon and pineapple, in limited quantities. These are plentiful, such as apples, pears, oranges, kiwis and strawberries. fibrous berries prefer.

Do not completely eliminate fat from your diet. Instead, turn to healthy fats. Cholesterol is not a bad thing, contrary to popular belief. Too much cholesterol is just as dangerous as it is high. Too low values ​​can cause depression. Fat is one of the most essential essential substances for our brain functions to stay sharp and youthful. Omega-3 Oils rich in nutrients are among the most preferred. It is found in abundance in fish, lamb and walnuts.

When you order a steak, you’re consuming good fats if it comes from a hormone-free, free-range raised animal. Conversely, if an animal fed with artificial feeds with a high glycemic index, you will get less good fat and more bad fat.

Herbs and spices contribute to our health more than you realize. Cinnamon balances the sugar in the blood; garlic, marjoram and rosemary increase blood flow to the brain; Saffron is anti-depressant and curry has a calming effect. Parsley It is very rich in vitamin C. Mint gives the body stamina. Arabs used to cope with the conditions by drinking mint tea in the deserts.

While the high glycemic index fruits we mentioned in the first article may already be harmful, it is not wise to consume any fruit by separating it from its fibers and turning it into a sugar syrup. With a fiber-free structure, every food we take will have a toxic effect.

Acting with the same concern for breakfast, do not base the whole breakfast on pastries, buns, sweets and honey. Avoid too much oil, too. A menu such as fibrous foods, protein (for example, boiled eggs), walnuts will contribute greatly to your focus in your work.

While you are trying to get into the kitchen and set a healthy table, friends who provoke you by saying “let’s order pizza” “let’s order a hamburger” may tempt you. On the contrary, you can make your work easier by organizing your meal organizations with your friends who have adopted healthy eating as a principle.

A table with a range of natural colors will ensure you get a variety of anti-oxidants.

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