7 warnings for those who will have a sea holiday during the holiday!

7 warnings for those who will have a sea holiday during the holiday!

It is a fact that those who can make their holidays limited to the duration of the holidays spend more time under the sun than those who go to summer vacations. Those who lie under the sun for hours in order to get a tan as soon as possible and those who try to accelerate the tan are waiting for bad days in terms of their skin. Dermatology Specialist Omur Tekeli; He made suggestions in order not to return from his holiday with a problematic skin during the holiday.

Just because it dries the skin, it gives you the impression that it is reduced, the skin takes action as it receives a dryness signal, and as a result, the oil production of the skin increases and the probability of an increase in acne increases. In addition, acne scars turn into permanent spots under the sun. So those with acne should think twice before going out in the sun!

In hot weather, since sweating and natural moisturizing mechanisms of the skin are activated, lubrication is also felt more. For this reason, skin rashes may occur due to sun and sweat. Make-up materials are another element that the skin can easily react to. If it is necessary to wear make-up every day, it is recommended to choose water-based make-up products. Oilfree BB creams, especially those with SPF over 30, can be used as a single product and refreshed.

Sea water and sun are also beneficial for some skin diseases. However, the effects of pool water are negative; increases dryness. Because the protection mechanisms of the skin are reduced by entering the chlorinated pool water. Therefore, it is necessary not to wash the skin too often.

Carrot oil and baby oils are products with high occlusive properties and they provoke acne formation. Such oily products also cause the formation of small cysts around the eyes.

However, you should make sure that you use the right amount and content of the product. Especially when you use a sunscreen with a more intense moisturizing effect, you will both protect your skin from the sun and moisturize your skin. You can use sunscreen during the daytime and use a normal water-based, light urea moisturizer in the evening. When choosing sunscreen, it should have a protection factor of at least 30. When applying the cream, the appropriate amount is the size of the palm of the person or a teaspoon. In other words, a teaspoon on your arm and a teaspoon on your leg… When you calculate it like this, you need to apply a 100 ml tube of sunscreen. Make sure that the preservative you use is not a cosmetic product! So buy your products from pharmacies.

In the shade you also get ultraviolet light. Shade protects you around four percent. Clothes have no effect. Clothing is protective only if it has several layers. Otherwise, the shield of a single-layer shirt is as much as an eight factor shield. So you are open to sunspots in the shade and under your clothes, don’t neglect your sunscreen!

If possible, do applications such as blow-drying and radical color changes in spring and winter. Style your hair with braids instead of blow drying. Do not neglect the treatments with keratin and treatments with pure olive oil.

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