7 suggestions to soothe your soul |  Life

7 suggestions to soothe your soul | Life

Hearing someone’s voice on the phone lowers the stress level and causes the hormone oxytocin to be produced in the body. The message does not have the same effect.

Eating oranges or grapefruits, or even adding some lemon to your tea, will improve your mood.

Smiling relaxes you. The heartbeat of smiling people slows down and they feel more relaxed.

Having a magnificent experience (looking from the top of a tall building or watching the sunset) makes you happier.

Negative mood is contagious. If there are negative people around you, you will also be affected by this situation. May your mood, words and lifestyle always be positive.

A harsh light from overhead can make you feel uncomfortable. Soft lighting will calm you down.

According to research, a short but intense workout has a lot of impact on stress. Therefore, jogging for 20 minutes instead of doing yoga for 1 hour is more effective on stress.

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