7 elements of a strong and healthy marriage

7 elements of a strong and healthy marriage

People have many ideas about how a marriage works. But it’s not that simple, is it? Because marriage is the definition of two people being one, we bring into the relationship not only our own ideas, but also how we were brought up and our quirks and shortcomings that we’ve acquired over the years. We know that sometimes marriages bring out the bad guy in us. But the good news is that it also brings out the best.

A happy marriage is beautiful and life-giving. But when you struggle, it makes everything in life seem difficult. Begin to realize that there are positive traits in your marriage that never existed before. Focus on how you solve the arguments. Thanks to these elements, your marriage will turn into something beautiful. What should be done to make the marriage last long? Click to read the article…

If you stick with the ups and downs throughout life, you will never get to where you are now. A strong marriage is full of love and understanding. Nothing is perfect, but don’t feel that perfection should be an element of a healthy marriage.

The reason to call elegance the number one element of a strong marriage is because you will do more damage to each other in marriage than you can count. All the beautiful qualities of love flow from grace…

Patience, kindness, forgiveness, perseverance.

Compassion is forgiveness, the best.

It’s a blessing to be able to let our partner make mistakes, knowing that we can make mistakes too.

If your partner has hurt you, this can block the lens of grace you’re looking at, and learning to forgive them can be daunting. Insecurity starts to build up and you don’t know why or how your marriage went from contented to resentful. That’s why grace is the most important element. With grace, you can forgive, trust once again, and love your partner unconditionally.

Intimacy is a fragile thing. Opening up to someone this way is one of the most vulnerable things you’ll ever do. It is defined by the satisfaction of both parties equally. It is not selfish fulfillment of a partner’s desires – it is a mutual bond that takes years to master.

Let your partner be your best friend. Do everything together, but also respect each other’s need to be alone. It’s nice to live a lifetime with your spouse, who is your best friend.

The healthier your communication, the better your marriage will be. Healthy communication comes easy to some couples, but some are afraid of it. Resolving conflict isn’t something people really learn before starting a relationship – sometimes you have to dive deep before you learn to swim. Click here to read the article on things to avoid while arguing with your spouse…

But if your marriage is to be strengthened, learning to communicate well is one of the most important determining factors of a healthy marriage. As long as it’s done right, arguments can be a good thing.

People are selfish. When we cannot get our way, we become irritable, angry and resentful. Marriages can be difficult sometimes as long as there are two selfish people living together. But if you want to stand out from the crowd, it’s with humility that your marriage starts to shine.

Humility is admitting you are wrong. Puts the other person first; sticking to your promise, for better or for worse. It is also the most difficult practice in marriage. Who wants to be last, or give up your right? Nobody does.

We learn humility when we want to see our partner happy. Sometimes we want what we want, and when we don’t get it, we have a crisis. But try, try again.

We’ve all lied at some point in our lives. Some lies are big, some are small and white. Being transparent with each other is an element of a strong marriage that will protect it. When we start allowing little lies, they can turn into big lies. When big lies break up from your marriage, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to heal and learn to trust again.

It is important to be transparent about everything from the very beginning, no matter how difficult. Being transparent isn’t easy. This means that we must accept that we are human; that we make mistakes.

Looking from the same place is not an easy thing sometimes. Teamwork is sometimes difficult because you are two different people from two different backgrounds. Living life together is much better than living separately.

You may be right next to someone but feel like you are miles away. Wishing things were different won’t help you and your partner have a healthy marriage. But you can do something about it. Taking the first step is the hardest part. Take this from a couple who have been through a pretty tough and heavy road. There is hope.

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