7 easy ways to have a good day …

7 easy ways to have a good day …

Are you one of those people who love to see everyone around them happy? Does people having fun entertain you? You cannot spend all your time trying to make everyone happy. But it is possible to create a general well-being with a few simple methods. Here are 7 methods for you …

If you want to make sure someone’s day is good, be around them in your best self. This could be someone you love, know, or even become a stranger to. You don’t have to do or say anything. Don’t just give up your well-being. You will see how easily you can change someone’s day.

What would it be like if you entered amongst people you did not know thinking they loved you? How would your behavior change? How would you take care of people? Now think about this for the person you love. How does it feel for him to share and make him feel it without doubting his feelings, without the need for approval, without being alert for unexpected situations? Be sure that you will also relax him and create the peace you seek. All you have to do is believe that people who don’t know you have no reason to dislike you, and the rest will follow.

Loving and worrying are not the same. Imagine if someone is worried about you. What does it do other than increase the pressure on you a little more? How do you feel when your family expresses that they are responsible for worrying about you – precisely because it is your family? If you want to make someone feel good, don’t go over them.

Advise people you know or have just met not to blindly believe you. It means “I am a person with mistakes”. If the other person believes in you before him / her, you will have an unequal relationship and it will be difficult for you to communicate. Trust your instincts. Don’t you feel better? It is up to you to make others feel the same.

Whoever you want to have a good day and whatever he / she needs, help him! When you help someone else, you will find that you’re actually helping yourself. Don’t wait for them to ask for help and take action!

Have you ever thought how it would be effective to have a positive gossip about you before you go somewhere you go? What if you did something like that to make someone’s life easier today? Come on, send an e-mail to someone else by mistake, get an e-mail with positive things about him. Say positive things about your children that are “unaware” of what they will hear.

This is a completely gray area, so take it as suggestion rather than advice. If someone wants to run away from work or school for a while, make sure that this is the time he’s done something pretty good in his life. For example, go diving together or convince him that this is the best time for him to do what he always wanted to do but postponed. But above all, be comfortable! Your comfort will also relax him and make his day go much better.

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