6 unexplained mysterious historical objects

6 unexplained mysterious historical objects

Human history spans thousands of years, and historians will never know all the secrets of humanity. Sometimes, objects found during archaeological excavations bring questions that can confuse even the most skilled experts. However, this situation makes the pursuit of truth even more interesting.

Here are some of the most surprising historical objects discovered that historians and archaeologists still cannot explain:

These mysterious stone formations are famous not only for their near-perfect spherical shapes; they are also owed to the unknown origins and purpose. These stone spheres were discovered in 1930 by workers clearing a banana field in the forest. According to local legends, these mysterious spheres contained hidden gold. However, when a few were detonated with dynamite, they were found to be empty. It is not known by whom and why these spheres were made. It is possible that they symbolize celestial bodies observed by an ancient culture or serve as markers between regions of different tribes.

It seems that electricity generation was partially accomplished by the Mesopotamians long before its discovery as we know it. In the 1930s, an archaeological excavation near Baghdad found a mysterious relic. The Baghdad Pili, as it was given, was a 13-centimeter jar with a worn iron rod protruding from its rim. Inside was a copper cylinder; inside the cylinder is another iron rod. Examining the structure of the object, experts concluded that it was an ancient battery capable of generating 1 volt of electric current. One theory is that this battery may have been used to electroplate gold. But experts cannot comment on how it was forgotten after such technological development and why nothing similar could be found in neighboring areas.

The Voynich manuscript is probably the most mysterious book in the world. Its author is unknown, it is written in an indecipherable language, and its pages are full of inexplicable symbols and bizarre illustrations. What makes the manuscript so unusual is that it is written using a completely original alphabet that has nothing in common with any known writing system. This haunted manuscript continued to surprise cryptographers throughout the 20th century. It still has not been deciphered today.

These mysterious gold animal figures found in South America, though hard to believe, bring to one’s mind machines that can fly. It is not known what inspired the making of these. In 1996, the German duo Algund Eeboom and Peter Belting, who made airplane models, proved the hypothesis that the figures were flying machines. They built replicas 16 times the size of the figures and equipped the models with equipment such as engines and radio control systems. Both models not only successfully took off; At the same time, it was able to maneuver even when the engines were turned off.

This remarkable archaeological discovery depicts objects and processes that modern scientists can only observe through microscopes. Although it sounds incredible, the ‘genetic disc’ describes the formation and development of the human embryo. Besides that, there is a really weird version of the human head among the images. This disc is made from an incredibly strong material. Nobody knows how this substance was produced; Because theoretically it is impossible for an ancient society to use this material.

The Antikythera assembly is one of the oldest known computing mechanisms – perhaps the first analog computer in history. After decades of research, historians have concluded that the mechanism was used to determine the positions of the sun and moon, the movements of the planets, the solar and lunar eclipses, and even the dates of important events in the world, such as the ancient Olympic games.

However, there is still controversy over whether ancient civilizations could produce such complex devices in the period before the Antikythera mechanism appeared. Some experts say its design, consisting of bronze gears, influenced the production of similar tools in the next millennium.

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