5 psychological novels you’ll love to read

5 psychological novels you’ll love to read

Those interested in psychology will love to read all the great novels that are well constructed and do not lose context. However, we have compiled novels that involve characters who are particularly troubled by mental depressions or the relationships between patients and doctors, clients and therapists.

It is a psychological / autobiographical fiction, first published in 1964, and includes sweet details about life. Its author, Joanne Greenberg, was born in New York in 1932. In this novel, he conveys the mental hospital experience he had while he was young to the reader. It is obvious that he wrote a novel worth reading, even though it caused great debates about its literary value and approach. This is the story of Deborah, who closed herself with the lies and hypocrisy she was exposed to when she was young, and created an alternative world for herself, and then struggled to be normal throughout her life.

As the name of its author suggests, it is a novel nourished by the Scandinavian geography. Again, it is a genre that can be called a biographical novel. Einar Mar Gudmundsson tells the story of his schizophrenic brother who committed suicide at a young age. Although it is a very emotional novel, you will not want to leave it when you see that you can catch small nuances about the inner world of the person while reading the book. Although it was adapted to the cinema in 2000, we recommend that you read the book first.

It is a long story that we can call a good example of the naturalism movement, which makes spiritual analyzes on jealousy and makes people laugh from time to time. Dostoyevsky, who is a very successful writer in adding an element of comedy to the tragic stories that happen to people, is not among the most famous works, but it is worth reading. It tells about the tragicomic situations in which a man, who could not accept his wife’s cheating on him, went through the depression he experienced as a result of his alienation. You won’t regret it if you take a look.

One of the examples of the psychological / philosophical fiction genre, which was first published in 1890. Again, it is a black-comic work that feeds on Scandinavian atmosphere. Although its author was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1920, people threw Knut Hamsun books in his garden due to his pro-Nazi statements during the Second World War, and he could not leave the house due to this sadness. Still, he is a respected writer with his pen that makes him feel ahead of his time. In this book, he tells about the psychological depressions of a character who never accepts the money he does not deserve but never feeds himself on the money he deserves.

This book is also a psychological fiction containing autobiographical elements. Sylvia Plath is one of the prominent writers of her era. Unfortunately, as he mentions in the book, he is one of those who “got stuck in a glass jar like a dead baby”. Sylvia Plath is actually a poet, and this work is her first and last novel. In fact, it is a book that every woman should definitely get in the hands of the modern woman, which explains very well how the patriarchy that exists vaguely around her can become inextricable. We think you will find a lot of yourself while reading.

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