5 fragrant herbs that will make meals more delicious

5 fragrant herbs that will make meals more delicious

These days, I realized that I was cooking the same things over and over and suddenly I was bored with the kitchen. If you let me go, I might not be in the kitchen for a month, I get so bored sometimes. We often talk about this problem in groups, and we are all worried about what to cook at home. What’s for dinner, what’s for lunch, what’s for breakfast has now become a never-ending cycle. I looked at it again, I entered the cycle of boredom, I started to whine and puff. I immediately went back to my basics and asked myself. What are the difficulties I have while preparing a meal, whether it’s lunch or dinner? Actually, with this question, I turned to intermittent fasting because I plan fewer meals. In addition, being able to create different flavors is one of the most common problems. I have observed something that is mostly neglected here over time. And that’s why I don’t give much space to plants that open the door to different tastes. However, if salt and pepper are an indispensable part of your meals, both plants and fragrant herbs should have such a place. This is not just a way that concerns the palate. It is also one of the simplest ways to strengthen your health and prevent diseases. Maybe you won’t even need to use extra vitamins, thanks to plants that have been used frequently for their medicinal properties centuries ago. On top of that, you don’t have to buy these herbs such as mint and parsley from outside. You can grow it naturally in a corner of your home. Think about how these plants, which you have grown with love, will add flavor to the dishes you prepare? I am sharing 5 herbs that I chose in the post images that I think will make our meals more delicious and healthy. What are your suggestions, what are you doing to spice up your meals these days? Let’s give each other hints so we can relax.


Basil, which has antioxidant, antiviral and antibacterial properties, is perfect for adding flavor to different dishes from pasta to salad. There is also a little tip I want to give here. When you put basil in the refrigerator, its leaves may wilt and its freshness may deteriorate. For this, it is best to store it in a glass of water on the kitchen counter.


Dill is very acceptable to those who do not like as much as those who love it. But its benefits are so powerful that it definitely deserves consideration. Detoxifying foreign substances that can cause cancer in the body, dill has important effects from accelerating metabolism and balancing menstrual irregularities.


Providing the body with vitamin C, satiating fiber and potassium, fennel also helps the heart and kidneys to function normally. While the leafy part of fennel is mostly used in fish dishes and soups, the onion part can be consumed raw in salads.


Marjoram, a member of the thyme family, is a real source of magnesium. It also helps prevent osteoporosis and high blood pressure when consumed regularly. It should be added that it is most suitable for soups and meat dishes.


Rosemary, which has a healing effect against indigestion and intestinal problems, also has diuretic properties. Among its other advantages are its protective effect against cancer and the fact that it is a strong anti-inflammatory. You should definitely consider rosemary, especially for any dish you will cook in the oven.

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