3 women and 3 books

3 women and 3 books

Where should I start …

I’ve been turning in my head for a while

Skeleton is clear,

Its course is ready,

He is just waiting for my fingers to reach the keyboard to put on words.

Now is the time…

On a rainy April morning

As we go through the days we left behind the first anniversary of the global pandemic,

Talking about 3 women who recently raised my heart, made me hope, made me proud, brought life to gray days, and 3 books that were their efforts, while life is stuck in a narrower space, more secluded, more 2-dimensional flows, and this is more and more easily accepted by us as the norm. I want.

You know.

Books, bringing the worlds to our feet when there is nowhere else to escape,

When we can not find a way to go, tools that paved the way in front of us that would not be possible.

Each one is a world. Books are the lives that we are likely to experience the sounds that remind, awaken, beckon.

The contribution of the books I will mention to this world is to remind me that life is spiritual… A great truth that we forgot long ago.

3 of the 3 women are Stephen Jenkinson students. Jenkinson told us about the “Death Establishment” in Istanbul in June 2018. His post is here: https://hthayat.haberturk.com/yazarlar/damla-celiktaban/1071599-guzelce-olmek-

Here is this man’s book: Die Wise, Basak Kutlu Atay‘s translation is now in Turkish on the occasion of Varlık Publishing … “Die Wise – Spirit and Sanity Manifesto “ It is not an easy-to-read, easy-to-digest book. It’s like Jenkinson’s teaching. Clear, subtle, tough and quite wild …

The culture spreads before our eyes: pink glasses, dreams of home loan, youth with botox, buy more and live longer, with a sword shield. As it says in the name, it invites to the Spirit and the Mindfulness.

He plunges into the middle of our culture with death phobia by writing the text on the front of the Zincirlikuyu cemetery door with neons: “Every living creature will taste death…!” But how? How he lives, that’s the principle… So how do we live then?

Regardless of where, what to take for granted, what to deny? Are we really alive? Or are we killing time before we die? Are we passing out life in fear of death, or are we dying longer when we think we are living longer?

Where have we left our strength, initiative, rituals and understanding of birth and death, the two important thresholds of a human being? Where did we lose it, do we find it? Is it possible to die well?

In Jenkinson’s book, Virgo’s sentences say:

“It is a rumor that the wise die revolves around attempts to restrain, direct, purify, mitigate, dominate, diminish death. Dying wise is an unthought thought, a rumor in a culture that does not believe in dying, and to do so you will need all the courage and wisdom you can muster. Dying wise is the job of your life. Dying wise is the Rhythm and the Story that human life should revolve around. “

And from here Sepin Inceer’s God of Laments’I want to switch to …

Sepin’s book is a lament, yes. A lament to her husband, Okan, who did not return from Kaçkarlar. It is a lament for the dead children who have not been mourned and have not been apologized in recent history when the grass was crushed while the elephants, which are called “beautiful-eyed children” of this country, are fighting. A revolt against the soulless system of the country.

If you have loved a person from the heart only once in your life, it is impossible for you not to understand what this book says, to touch your heart and hurt your human places. Let’s say you did not like it, then the book can make you feverish by saying “wow what have I missed? neither of them touched your heart, your lungs, then only in this language, one can catch the natural outcome of living in this country from unexcused lives. The book says to be confronted, mourned, mourned …

There is no one who is dead and crying, so that no one is left, love and mourning are brother of each other, if you do not mourn, you will not leave your chase, so that you will leave your humanity where you do not mourn,

For those who think they are a man to see a “woman”, “Separation is also included in love”,

I read it as the poor justice of the country I hurt, the calcified conscience.

To heal from where the mourning turned into literature …! Oooofffff, I read, Aaahh, month by month… Publisher Doğan Novus.

The third book I want to talk about is Filiz Telek’s Healing for Women …

Filiz was also one of the students of Jenkinson’s Orphan School. Derya Albayrak’s book, Women Is Healing, is a call that invites you to live life with Spirit… Filiz spends her time brewing in the circle practice, the teachers she sits at the bottom of the series, and the soil that is the mother of all of us.

He wrote a bedside book, forehead aside, you read it in turn, when it is needed, I think. He said that the reader should remember his own essence. It has also generously presented the resource books and people in which you can sail if you want to be deeply concerned on the road to this remembrance. Enriched book with the contributions of guest authors. In this respect, this is a collaboration book. You’ll find plenty of quotes from Clarissa P. Estes, lots of ritual and mindfulness practice, mother earth spirituality whose voice is gradually being heard from different directions, and female understanding of wisdom. This is a book published by Doğan Novus.


Berna also runs online study groups on the wisdom of Death and Mourning. I attended one of them and I can say that I have benefited a lot.

That’s it…

I believe that the call of our time is to glorify dying and therefore to remember

Take what appeals to your heart and remember whatever you need. If you have read it too, I would be very happy if you leave a comment under my article …

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