23 April songs |  Life

23 April songs | Life

Today is Bayram – Barış Manço

“Today is holiday.

Wake up early guys.

Let’s wear the best clothes.

Fresh wild flowers in our hands

Let’s not upset our mother today “

Hey! Good Morning Kids – Barış Manço

“Last night I thought

If there weren’t any colors

It could not be lived on this Earth.

That’s what I’m afraid of

There are those among us who want a black world.

Sometimes they want a game

Pistols swords rifles …

Leave the colors to the children ”

“Everything has a color.

The constant balance of nature “

April 23rd Song – Miniyo

“Child means light.

Color means future.

It means child, means seed, means sapling, means future.

I am my child, it is my holiday.

My balloons flew into the sky.

I sing my song and applause.

I congratulate April 23 “.

23 April Song – Şebnem Öğretmen

Let’s hands unite

Peacefully with brotherhood

April 23 spirit

Spread all over the world “

April 23 is Ours – Ezo Sunal

“ April 23 today

The happiest happy day

23 April today

Gift from Atatürk “

Happy April 23 – Halil Bedii Yönetken

“ Happy April 23

Rejoice little ones, your praise big ones

Happy April 23rd.

This is the biggest holiday

Happy everyone

The biggest holiday is this “

Leave a World

“It simply came to our notice then

Come guys

The ele the ele

Give me children “

As if there is a wedding everywhere

“It’s like a wedding that exists everywhere

Because the most glorious and holiest day

Today is April 23

People are always filled with joy “

Kids for Saving Earth – Promise Song

“The earth is my home

I promise to keep it healthy and beautiful”

I love my planet – The Earth Song

“I love my beautiful planet

All of the animals… For the sky and the mountains…

For many many reasons

But above all of them

I love the earth because this planet is my home”

Earth Day – Save the Earth Song

“Turn off the lights

Don’t waste water

We can save the earth

Reduse, reuse, recycle”

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