2 easy ways to solve problems in a relationship

2 easy ways to solve problems in a relationship

When you’re looking for the perfect partner for yourself, you want it to be commendable, attractive, and exciting. Maybe this list gets longer. If you haven’t noticed yet, here’s the gist: Many of the qualities you look for in your perfect partner candidate actually reflect how you see yourself or want to be seen. In other words, it is a super subconscious game that will encourage you to be the person you want to be. But the person you choose will have your good qualities as well as your bad ones. There is a mirror effect in the middle.

Relationship experts offer these two suggestions for understanding, resolving, and strengthening your relationship:

What are your similar qualities? What are your differences? When you do this, you will stop raising the negative qualities and focus on the good aspects of your partner that make them special. You will not only form a stronger bond, but you will also learn to love these positive qualities in yourself.

If your partner has done something that hurts or angers you, focus on finding the reasons why they did it. You may think that you yourself would never harm her in this way. Negative personality traits or conditioned responses actually reflect what’s inside you. It is not nice to say what you see in the other person because you cannot accept that the same thing can happen inside you. For example, you are in a relationship and the person you are with is cheating on you. You think; “How can that reflect me? I don’t cheat.” This is not the right approach. What you need to do is to dig deeper and consider why he cheated on you. Could the reason for doing this be something lacking in his self-confidence, psychology, infrastructure, or a problem from his childhood? Does this person love himself above all else? Do you love yourself? Could this be why you are in this damaging relationship? In this way, you will realize that you can solve the problem by changing the negative point of view in yourself. In return, your partner will follow you to keep in touch with you. You can only start the development process by starting from yourself.

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