15 mistakes made when using a hair dryer

15 mistakes made when using a hair dryer

1- Drying the hair only with hot air

Using the cold air feature while drying your hair will keep your hair moist. This will help you style your hair more easily.

2- Providing the air flow from the wrong direction

It is better to dry your hair from root to tip. Drying it otherwise will cause your scalp to be destroyed and your hair tangled.

3- Holding the hair dryer in the wrong way

You may be used to holding the hair dryer with your pencil hand. But in fact, you should shape your hair with this hand and hold the hair dryer with the other hand. Because it makes more sense to shape your hair with your strong hand.

4- Pulling the hair down

If you pull your hair down while drying or combing it, you will prevent it from getting bulky. Instead, hold the hair dryer on your hair while combing your hair from the ends to the roots. Thus, your hair will look more voluminous and lively.

5- Keeping the hair dryer too close to the head

If you hold the hair dryer too close to your hair, you will break your hair. Your scalp may also burn. The recommended distance between your head and the machine is approximately 30 cm.

6- Not to divide the hair into sections

Most of the time, we try to dry our hair by simply moving the hair dryer back and forth without dividing it into parts. On the contrary, dividing the hair into 4-5 parts accelerates the drying process. We recommend that you divide your hair into four with two imaginary lines, vertical (from your forehead to your neck) and horizontal (between your ears).

7- Keeping the hair wrapped in a towel for too long

You should not keep your hair wrapped in a towel for more than 30 minutes, especially if your towel is made of cotton fabric. Because the fabric of the towel rubs against your hair, it makes your hair sensitive, which makes your hair more prone to breakage while drying. To prevent this, you should wrap your hair in a softer towel and keep it wrapped for a maximum of 10 minutes.

8- Not protecting the hair from heat

If you dry your hair once or more a week, we recommend using products that help protect from heat. When choosing products suitable for your hair, we recommend that you stay away from products containing alcohol if you have dry hair. Likewise, if you have oily or normal hair, you should stay away from oil-based products.

9- Not paying attention to the head of the hair dryer

You should dry your hair with the narrow nozzle of your machine. Using this tip will prevent your hair from tangling and breaking the ends. It also prevents your hair from overheating. In addition, drying the root of your hair directly with this cap makes your hair look more voluminous.

10- Going out as soon as you dry your hair

After drying your hair, you should not go out immediately. Because the sudden change in temperature both makes your hair fluffy and damages your scalp.

11- Hair to dry start with vigo

Starting to dry your hair in this way will cause your hair ends to break faster and your hair to become tangled. Therefore, it would be more logical to start drying at low temperatures and with a narrow nozzle. After drying it for a bit, you can put on the vigo cap.

12- Not paying attention to the material that the head of the hair dryer is made of

Heads can be metal, ceramic or plastic. Using ceramic or plastic caps makes it easier for you to style your hair, while metal caps heat up quickly and damage your hair.

13- Not cleaning the hair dryer

The dirt accumulated in your hair dryer damages not only the machine but also your hair. Dust, dirt and conditioner products accumulating in the air holes slow down the air flow, which causes the air temperature inside the machine to increase. As a result, your machine either breaks down or catches fire. Therefore, it is very important to clean your hair dryer. It is recommended that you clean the machine once a month if you use it once a week, and once every two weeks if you use it more.

14- Drying the hair at the highest temperature

This is one of the most fundamental mistakes made. Drying your hair in this way will cause your hair to become too dry and break easily. We recommend using the high temperature only in special cases. For example, if your hair is curly and it is difficult to straighten it, you cannot use high temperature, but you should use medium temperature for other times.

15- Keeping the hair dryer stable

Changing the angle of your hair dryer, moving it right-left or front-back makes it easier to style your hair. It also allows you to dry your hair in a shorter time.

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