15 benefits of sea and sand

15 benefits of sea and sand

It is perfect for acne, asthma, hunchback, depression, allergies… It has great benefits for the skin, brain, immune system and psychology. The name of this miracle is the sea!

Diving into the blue of the sea, inhaling its scent, listening to the sound of the waves is a therapy in itself… But the benefits of the sea are not only these… Throughout history, physicians have argued that swimming in the sea is good for countless diseases. Even in 1769 the English Dr. Richard Russell went a step further and claimed to his clients that the sea could be used not only for swimming but also for drinking its water. Not only Russell, but also Hippocrates attributed the fishermen’s hands to be cut off but not infected by sea water. Biologist Rene Quinton also drew attention to the therapeutic properties of seawater because it has similar elements to blood plasma. Of course, which sea it is and its cleanliness is important. Sea water pools and jacuzzis come to the rescue of those who cannot find the sea. There are also those who find solace in massage under the rain of warm sea water under the name of ‘thalassotherapy’. It is said that therapies with warm sea water accelerate metabolism and burn fat. Let’s leave the therapies aside and throw ourselves to the beaches while it is ready season and there are beautiful beaches in our country. Because the benefits are endless.

1- No one knows anymore that sea water is beneficial for the skin. That’s why the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries can’t give up on sea water. Magnesium and hydrate in sea water are an important mineral for the skin to look young and bright.

2- It is also effective in drying acne, regenerating the skin and clearing blackheads.

3- Magnesium, bromine and lithium substances in sea water treat various mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. These substances balance the levels of melatonin and serotonin in the brain.

4- The salty water of the sea prevents dandruff and adds shine to your hair.

5- Iodine in sea water strengthens the immune system. The absorption of vitamins and minerals in sea water opens the pores in the skin to ensure the removal of toxins that cause the body to catch diseases and is one of the important methods in the treatment of allergic diseases. Sea water, which is an antiseptic, fights against infections, increases the body’s resistance to kill fungi, bacteria and microbes.

6- While swimming, you feel yourself in the electromagnetic energy field of the sea, which contributes to the renewal process of your body. Moreover, the air at the beach is loaded with negative ions that help cleanse the blood and tissues.

7- Experts say that even slightly choppy sea can be beneficial because it increases the calories we burn while trying to stay on the surface of the water and massages our bodies. It accelerates blood circulation.

8- US biologist Wallace J. Nichols says seawater is the closest to the contents found in human blood. He states that it contains plenty of useful substances such as calcium carbonate, magnesium chloride, magnesium sulfate. Sea water penetrating the skin balances body functions in the circulatory system.

9- Sea water heals scars, is good for eczema, hives and rash.

10- The salty water of the sea clears all the sinus tracts. It is good for the upper respiratory tract. One of the best treatment methods for respiratory problems such as asthma and cough.

11- Swimming is one of the most important physical therapies that increase the capacity of the lungs. It also prevents the problems of standing upright.

12- Harvard Medical School says the biggest benefit of a day at the beach is to store vitamin D in our bodies.

13- In a few hours spent by the sea, you listen to your body, and more importantly, you have a good opportunity to stay away from technology, according to the University of Gothenburg in Sweden.

14- You sleep soundly after a day at the beach. Magnesium in sea water helps reduce stress by calming muscles and nerves.

15- Sand is the best peeling that can be applied to the feet. Moreover, it also increases skin elasticity.

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