12 ways to age beautifully |  Beauty

12 ways to age beautifully | Beauty

Stating that aging is a natural, unavoidable and must-experience process for all of us, Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Dr. Aysun Mamak says what we need to do here is to achieve ‘aging well’. Mamak says that it is possible with realistic measures and correct solutions, and that the first signs of aging begin to appear on faces.

Salmon DNA also has a very high capacity to absorb the sun’s harmful UV rays; therefore, it treats deteriorated and dry skin due to sun or cigarettes, and helps the skin regain its moist, lively and bright appearance. It is also used to prevent deep wrinkles at the beginning of sagging by increasing the tone and elasticity of the skin. It delays skin aging. It treats wrinkles in a medical sense. It removes crow’s feet wrinkles around the eyes on thin and dry skin. It lightens the horizontal lines that show the traces of years on the forehead. It helps prevent women’s fearful eye bags and lines around the lips, which are a sign of aging.

With oil injection, depressions and grooves in the skin can be removed and a younger looking facial features can be obtained. Oil injection has been shown to have a positive and rejuvenating effect on aging or damaged skin. Fat cells are taken from the areas of the body where excess fat is stored, thinned and injected into the areas of the face that need it by injection. Sunken cheeks in the face area, flat and indistinct cheekbones, skin wrinkles; on the body, it is used for flat and uncurled hips, butt shaping, crooked leg treatment and removing wrinkles on the hand.

With fat injection, the volume of the lips can be increased and fullness can be gained. At the same time, the contours of the lips are made clear. With aging, the contours of the lips gradually disappear. Sagging and wrinkles around the mouth can be treated with fat injection. Fat injection into the lips is done through very thin cannulas or needles specially designed for this process. Oil-injected lips feel natural and soft.

The fullness and protrusion of the cheekbone area is an important sign of youth. With aging, the subcutaneous fat layers gradually disappear and the elasticity of the skin decreases. This causes a decrease in prominence and depressions, especially in the cheekbone area. These areas can be filled with fat injection method again. Fat cells injected on this area also strengthen the skin and help increase skin quality.

Anti-aging, that is, rejuvenating methods, can be examined under different headings according to their effects and application methods. Some of these are actually methods that do not have a rejuvenating effect on the structure of the skin, but create a feeling of youth by creating a kind of illusionary change.

It is a technique whose effect starts on the fourth day after a short 5-10 minute application, especially on the upper face, and lasts for an average of 4-6 months. Especially when it is started in the second half of the 30s at the latest and repeated at regular intervals, the settlement of wrinkles due to mimic muscle activity is prevented. A face appearance behind the calendar age is obtained, even at older ages and wrinkles are settled, good results can be obtained alone or in combination with other methods.

There are different types, permanent or temporary. It is applied to fill the grooves in the lower half of the face, which are loosened due to gravity, on the upper face and deep mimic lines, together with botox or to add volume to certain points of the face, especially the cheekbones.

These applications are; generally creates a healthy, radiant, slightly tight and fresh skin appearance. They can be applied from the age of 20, they act as the insurance of the skin.

Over the years, the upper layer of the skin thickens due to natural oil secretion, sunlight, environmental pollution and make-up residues and becomes an armor. As the fresh cells at the bottom cannot breathe, a dull, dull, stained and aged skin appears. In order to prevent this, personally designed sessions are applied under the guidance of a dermatologist every year in non-sunny seasons such as autumn and winter.

Substances such as all vitamins, minerals, coenzymes, growth factors, salmon DNA necessary for the production of collagen-elastic fiber in the middle skin are injected into the skin in cocktail form, in a certain protocol, in a few sessions.

The person’s own blood is processed in a certain period and time, and the restorative and regenerative cellular factors rich part is separated. It is injected into the skin in sessions.

The fibroblasts obtained from the biopsy material taken from a skin area that is not exposed to sunlight (such as behind the ear, inner part of the upper arm) by multiplying in cell culture in a laboratory with international standards are injected into the problematic areas.

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