10 questions girls ask about menstruation

10 questions girls ask about menstruation

Menstruation is a cyclical process that has an important place in every woman’s life. To be well prepared for this process, to be properly informed about menstruation; It is very important to live this cycle that will last for many years in a healthy way. Every young woman wonders how it will affect her life when she finds out about her period, and often asks similar questions:

No, it is not! However, it is one of the least talked about and taboo subjects in the society. The idea of ​​going through something that is considered shameful and dirty every month, especially when transitioning from childhood to young womanhood, will bring along many negative ideas about womanhood. That’s why it’s important to tell girls that menstruation is a natural, healthy process. Menstruation is just one of the private issues in our lives that we can choose not to tell everyone at any time. Acting as if there is never a period just because it is thought to be a shame, and there is no such thing, invites more painful and more troublesome menstrual periods. A woman’s reconciliation with her own body and cycles is very important for her physical and psychological health.

Menstruation is a completely healthy and natural physiological phenomenon. It can be difficult and painful in some situations, but young women need to be informed that such difficulties are normal and manageable. If menstruation is described to a young woman as something terrible, painful and dirty, she will have a hard time finding a way to make peace with the situation she has lived through all her life. However, instead of focusing on the difficulties, it will be a more positive approach to encourage them to cope with the difficulties and to tell them how to deal with menstrual pain.

There are various hygiene products available for use on menstrual days. Optionally, sanitary pads, tampons, cloth pads, sponges, menstrual cups can be used to control bleeding. Contrary to popular belief, tampons are also suitable for young women, but menstrual cups may not be suitable for women who have just started menstruating. Being informed about options is important when gaining insight into menstrual cycles. It should also be clearly understood how to use the product used in the healthiest way possible.

Routines for young women during their menstrual periods While explaining, it is necessary to explain how they will dispose of the products they use. Used pads and tampons should not be thrown into the daily garbage as they will be suitable for bacteria production. It is best to wrap them in product packaging or toilet paper and throw them in a separate trash.

Many women feel less energetic in the first days of menstruation, but if this is not the case, you can continue with your daily routine or exercise on your menstrual days. Many sports, including swimming, can be done while menstruating. It is only necessary to tell young women that these days, they will have to pay a little more attention to hygiene conditions while doing sports.

Young women who aren’t experienced enough with menstruation may also worry about their inability to control bleeding. Explaining that bleeding will not get out of control and create unwanted situations will help young women think more positively about menstruation when the right products are used and regular cleaning is done.

Contrary to popular belief, menstrual blood does not smell bad, but if regular hygiene is not observed, bacteria will begin to grow in the liquids accumulated in the pads and tampons, and therefore bad odors will appear. Therefore, a young woman should know that she will not smell bad as long as she pays attention to cleanliness during her menstrual periods.

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