10 nutrients that age the skin |  Beauty

10 nutrients that age the skin | Beauty

Most people do their best to delay aging and look younger. Skin products that are said to prevent aging, various operations performed to rejuvenate and more … However, the fact that the inside is as important as the outside of the body is generally not taken into consideration. It can make your skin wonderful and healthy by eating right and consciously; You can look younger by taking care not to consume certain foods.

Here are 10 nutrients that age the skin and you should definitely avoid:

Found in fast food products, deep-fried foods, margarine, canned goods and all junk foods, trans fat is your heart’s worst enemy. In addition, it also causes your arterial vessels to harden and your blood vessels to constrict. This weakens blood circulation, leading to premature aging and wrinkles.

There is a lot of salt in favorite foods such as cheese, soudjouk, chips, crackers and cornflakes. Excessive consumption of salt also causes your body to dehydrate. This causes your skin to wrinkle and therefore allows you to age faster.

Sugar, which causes weight gain, wrinkles and sagging skin, has many harms for your health in general. Consuming too much sugar causes your body to start the glycation process. This process damages the collagen that makes your skin tight and causes wrinkles.

Alcohol causes dehydration, that is, dehydration. Therefore, consuming large amounts of alcohol accelerates aging. In addition to drying your skin, it can cause toxin buildup in your liver, leading to wrinkle and pallor of your skin. Alcohol, which also causes collagen loss, reduces the elasticity of your skin and causes redness.

Alcohol also causes vitamin A loss, which is essential for cell regeneration. When you are going to consume alcohol, you should choose those that do not contain added sugar. In addition, you should make sure to be careful about drinking water while consuming alcohol.

Coffee has diuretic properties. This can cause excessive discharge of fluid from your body and dehydration of your skin. Thus, your skin becomes dry and sensitive. To prevent this, take care to drink water in proportion to the coffee you consume. (Like drinking 1 glass of water for 1 cup of coffee.)

Hot and spicy foods can cause rose disease on your skin as it will widen your blood vessels. This causes your skin to become red, blemished and look less youthful.

It’s okay to eat spicy or spicy foods from time to time. However, frequently turning to such foods may invite varicose veins, blisters on your skin and permanent redness.

Most processed meat products contain preservatives and sulfite. This causes inflammation. In addition, processed meats with a high salt content trigger premature aging.

Eating a slice of pizza may excite you and take you back to your youth, but it doesn’t have the same effect on your body! Nitrate and other ingredients found in processed meat age not only your skin but also your internal organs. For this reason, it may be a wiser choice to prefer pizza with vegetables rather than meat.

All kinds of frying are the main enemies of the skin. It wears the skin and causes premature aging of the skin as it contains excessive amounts of oil. Corn oil, which is used by restaurants, is one of the most unhealthy types of oil and when consumed, it causes free radicals to be secreted in the body. While this causes many problems such as heart diseases, it also causes wrinkles. If you cannot give up eating fast food, you should try to choose healthier ones instead of fried ones.

These drinks, which contain too much sugar and acid, can damage your teeth and even cause staining. In addition, energy drinks that contain high amounts of caffeine and sodium can also cause dehydration.

Considering that dehydration is one of the important factors that lead to wrinkles, it would be best to consume water instead of drinking acidic beverages. Remember that you need to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day!

You can make your skin look younger and healthier by consuming less of the foods mentioned in this list. Remember that your skin is a reflection of what you eat!

Compiled and translated by: Dilara Preserve

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