10 herbal tea suggestions that you can prepare in 10 minutes

10 herbal tea suggestions that you can prepare in 10 minutes

What you need to know about thyme tea, which is good for the respiratory system, relieves indigestion, reduces rheumatism pain, and is effective in skin and heart health. “What are the benefits of thyme tea?” You can read from the news.

Sage, scientifically named Salvia Officinalis, is a plant with grayish green leaves and a woody stem. It is from the Ball─▒babagiller family. Other herbs in this family are thyme, lavender, mint, and rosemary. It originated in the Middle East and Mediterranean regions. Towards the beginning of summer, white, pink and purple flowers bloom. Sage, which has many benefits for health, is also used in soap and cometic products. Read more: “What is salvia? What are the benefits of salvia?”

Rosemary tea is good for headaches, good for respiratory tract, removes nasal congestion, provides faster healing of wounds in the mouth thanks to its antiseptic feature, provides a solution to constipation problem, accelerates blood circulation, makes the body warmer in winter, helps to weaken. These are not the only benefits of rosemary tea … What are the benefits and harms of rosemary tea?

Centaury tea has been used as an antidepressant support as a solution to mental and psychological problems for many years. It calms the nerves and is good for depression. It is said that it helps to look at events in a more positive way and not to get angry immediately. What are the benefits of centaury tea?

It is also known as lemongrass and lemon mint among the people. Lemon balm tea, which has a mild fragrance resembling lemon, blooms in small flowers towards the end of summer. “What is Melisa tea good for?” The most distinctive feature, which is one of the answers to the question, is its calming effect. In this respect, it is considered as a herbal tea for those who have anxiety. Balm tea should be used carefully, so we recommend you to read this article: What are the benefits and harms of Melisa tea?

The only benefit of apricot tea, which is consumed as a supplement to the diet of those who want to lose weight, is not only this. It has many benefits for eye health from the heart. What are the benefits and harms of apricot tea?

Blackberry teas, which are sold ready-made and packaged in the market, usually contain apple, orange peel, cinnamon, hibiscus and sweeteners and can be drunk as an intense sweet tea. However, tea made from the blackberry plant itself gives a more leafy flavor. In order to benefit from the healing of its leaves, tea can be prepared only from blackberry leaves, and dried or fresh blackberry fruits can be added to tea to benefit from the taste and healing of the fruits. How is blackberry tea prepared? What are the benefits of blackberry tea?

Rosehip contains 50% more vitamin C than oranges. In this way, it strengthens the immune system and helps the collagen structure system. What are the benefits of rosehip tea?

Linden trees blooming during the summer months begin to smell delicious and the collected linden flowers are dried and stored throughout the winter to brew delicious and healing teas. Linden, which has many benefits for health, can lose its healing effect when boiled for long periods of time. To get the most effective benefits from linden, you must brew the linden flowers correctly. What are the benefits of linden tea?

Apple tea, which protects against diseases and is good for many ailments from cough to fatigue, also helps to lose weight. You can also benefit from this magnificent fruit by trying different apple tea recipes! What are the benefits of apple tea?

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